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TVXQ’s Official Statements Regarding Dispute!


As almost everyone knows by now, popular boy group TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki members Youngwoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, and Xiah Junsu have been disputing with their company, SM Entertainment. The TVXQ members released their official statements, which had thousands waiting for what the members had to say.

Their lawyer stated on behalf of the three boys, “During the five years after they debuted, the company has done whatever they wanted which made the body and spirit of the members of TVXQ very tired. The 13 year exclusive contract is too long that, which to them, feels like a life long contract. The members don’t receive what they deserve.”

Because of the carelessness of the company, Korea’s No.1 boys have been suffering from both mental and physical fatigue and feel that they are just being used for profit for the company. Not only are there standards that have to be met in order to be paid at all, the boys also receive only a few hours of sleep a day, which is nothing compared to what one day in their schedule is like! Additionally, the 13 year long contract, which excludes the time they will be completing their military activities, will exceed over a mind boggling 15 years…. and it hasn’t even been close to 13 years yet! Although the boys have considered it, cancelling the contract is also out of the question, as there is a huge price to pay – approximately a several billion South Korea won (KRW).

The lawyer expressed, “The members don’t want to disband, but they just feel that the contract is ridiculous. Right now, the things each of the three members want is a little different, however, the relationship between the members is still unaffected, as they still want to be one.”

TVXQ’s reasons:

1. During the five years after debut, the members were forced to follow a strict and tight schedule according to their company which made them very tired.

2. The 13 year exclusive contract is basically a lifetime contract.

3. The members aren’t getting what they deserve from SM.

4. Multiple times had the members suggested that their contract be revised, but the company did not listen to the members’ opinions.

5. The outcome of their cosmetics shop has nothing to do with our singing career.

6. The members have never wanted the disbandment of our group. The issue just spurred from the boys wanting some freedom from the contract.

7. Although we have caused some ruckus, we will only become better from here.


Although this dispute is far from resolved, Cassies are finally able to breathe, as the boys revealed themselves they have no intention or thoughts of disbanding. As of right now, there doesn’t seem to be a way out for these boys, but only time will tell.

Credit: Allkpop

P/s: A 13 year contract is seriously too long o__o and they keep going to and forth korea and japan. it’s too tiring for them ! give them a break !

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