SNSD in Car Accident


SNSD / Girls’ Genreation was in a minor fender bender last night after the filming for MBC’s FM4U.

SM entertainment released a statement saying that after the SNSD members finished filming, they left the studio in two separate cars towards Gangnam (where they are currently staying). On route, one of the cars merged into an adjacent car on Olympic Road. Thankfully, no members were hurt, but Hyoyeon had to go to the hospital to be treated for shock.

SM later clarified the situation and released a few details. “It was a merge accident, so there was no major damage. No one was seriously injured, but Hyoyeon was riding behind the passenger seat, and hit her head on the passenger seat headrest. She is currently in the hospital for a checkup.”

OMG!!! My girls in car accident!!! Thanks god that they are safe


One Response

  1. So sorry and i hope Hyo will be fine.
    Happy birthday S.N.S.D

    Now ‘s SNSD
    Future’s SNSD
    Forever’s SNSD

    P/S: Tae! you are so cool 🙂 i love you so much. But i’m VIETNAMESE so i can’t go to KOREA and visit you and other onnie! But in my heart you are the best LEADER
    TaeYeon FIGHT
    Email for me by ENGLISH
    thanks you so much and happy birthday to all of you 😀

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