Due to the recent TVXQ chaos occurring, news agency looked up the exclusivity contracts of various artists from the popular management agencies.

It was shown that SM contracts their celebrities from 6-13 years, JYP for about 7 years, and YG about 5 years.

The ironic aspect is that even within groups each member may have different contracts. In the case of YoonA from SNSD, she is the one member that is contracted for 13 years.

When SM was asked why YoonA’s contract period was so long compared to others, a SM representative replied, “In YoonA’s case it’s due to the fact that she is not contracted as just a singer but as an actress as well.”

In YoonA’s case, before she debuted she went through arduous acting classes and she has proven that she can handle various activities (acting/singing/etc) due to her last 2 dramas that were instant hits.

In DSP’s case though all of SS501’s exclusivity contract is for 5 years, on the flip side Kara is contracted for 7 years.

An industry expert said, “Though top groups like TVXQ are omitted from this format, but typically girl groups that have the possibility of venturing into commercials, acting, and modeling tend to have contracts written out that are slightly longer than their male counter parts. It seems the younger they are the better that chances this will happen.”

out of all these companies … it seems OVERALL…YG keeps their “artists” happiest. It’s the only company that keeps their artists. But YG is also known for being unable to multi task. They never do a very good job in promotions if there are more than 2 artists out at the same time. They can’t seem to handle that. As for JYP they do a great job in the beginning and they tend to really train and treat their celebrities quite well but … they can’t seem to keep their artists. But then again we will soon see with Wonder Girls & the 2am/2pm boys. But when entering the US market the Wonder Girls had to sign another contract so the 5 years could be shorter or longer … Then there is SM their artists are always unhappy all the time.



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