Cast additions to I Love You Ten Million Times

I Love You Ten Million Times [천만번 사랑해] is a new SBS weekend drama whose main cast has already been filled by Lee Soo-kyung, Ryu Jin, and Jung Kyeo-woon. I’d noted the interesting-sounding plot when the drama was first announced; it deals with surrogacy and the complications that arise when the surrogate ends up marrying into the family of the infertile couple she is helping out.

Adding some color to the younger supporting cast are Super Junior’s resident oddball Kim Heechul and Boys Before Flowers‘ Lee Shi-young (both of whom are known for their rather offbeat “fourth-dimensional” personalities). Heechul plays a cheerful, saucy character who works a part-time job at a restaurant. He has a romantic storyline with Park Su-jin (mehhh), the singer-turned-actress who played Kim Bum’s ex-girlfriend in Boys Before Flowers.

Meanwhile, Lee Shi-young plays a woman who works at the information desk at the same office as Ryu Jin. She harbors a crush on him, while he is attempting to have a child with his wife (Go Eun-mi) via surrogate (Lee Soo-kyung); the story hints at a possible affair between him and Lee Shi-young.

source: Asia Today, Asia Economy
Translations: dramabeans

i can’t wait to see this…
cuz it’s been a very long time since heechul’s in a drama again.
and i wanna he him act again^_^
plus the plot sounds interesting too…


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