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> Dong Bang Shin Ki fends off rumours for disband, “We hope to perform on this stage again next year”, Friday August 6, 2009 Korea


Recently having 3 of its members caught in a lawsuit with their company about retracting the exclusive rights from their contract with SM Entertainment, Dong Bang Shin Ki has promised that they will perform in Japan again, fending off rumours for disband.

It was written on Asihi newspaper on 7th August, “Dong Bang Shin Ki has fended off rumours for disband. Dong Bang Shin Ki had performed in Tokyo for the 30th 神宮 fireworks festival on 6th August.”

The news added, “They have assured worried fans about rumours to their disband. After the live performance that day, they had said, ‘Very enjoyable. We want to do this again’.”

“This is their first stage after news of danger of their disbanding, Dong Bang Shin Ki showed that those news are just rumours and are not affected by those news at all. Xiah JunSu said, ‘We are very excited that many people came to see our performance. We want to perform on this stage next year too’.”

Lastly the news said, “We look forward to more performances by Dong Bang Shin Ki, proving the disbanding rumours wrong.”

source: kbites

Even though dbsk spoke with their very own words to fend off any disbanding rumours, i can’t help but still feel uneasy about the fact that there probably wont be something good resulting from this law suit/disbanding-rumour incident.

I mean I’m sure something coming from this law suit commotion and disbanding “rumour” will probably leave somewhat of a scar on dbsk. If you really think about it, it really doesnt make sense for SM or even dbsk to just say that there is no such news of them dsbanding when all the news of the DBSK’s disbanding rumours do kind of add up and fit together.
~I just hope it wont be too bad. More imortantly, i just really hope for the best for them.

We’re their fans. ^^; We can’t help but worry for them!(:
DBSK is our inspiration.


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