Bodyguards, Security Protection – Nichkhun Stunned Fellow Thai Stars


This 21 year old man “Nichkhun Horvejkul” from Thailand is definitely not ordinary! As a member of Korean boyband 2PM, Nichkhun is gaining wide popularity in the world of K-Pop.
His fame shocked some of Thailand’s famous stars and members of the Thai press at his recent appearance “Siam Paragon World Watch & Jewellery 2009″ when Nichkhun participated in the runway.

At Paragon, whereever you see Nichkhun you will hear the loud screams of fan girls following him all around the shopping complex while Khun is guided by 8-12 bodyguards escorting him from the moment he stepped out of his car. The guards watched over his security and walked him everywhere, even to his dressing room. Meanwhile famous Thai stars like “Nat Myria, Dome Pakorn, Dunk Punkorn, Jo Nuvo, Noon Warranuch, Pei Panward, R The Star” and even former Miss Universe such as Nathalie Glebova have to make thier own way to the dressing room.

When Nichkhun needed to use the bathroom, 8-12 bodyguards rushed around the vicinity to suss out the location and make sure no one else is using it before they will let Khun go in to do his business while the gaurds stood outside for protection. Meanwhile, the other celebrities have to go to the bathroom at their own risk.At the end of the function, every other celebrity walk to the lift and into the Parking lot on thier own, but Nichkhun gets a special transfer in a golf cart that takes him straight to his car.

The amount of security that Nichkhun received at the event is the same level of security provided to extreme VIP’s. Some of Thailand’s most famous names are not even getting the same treatment!

source: daradaily
Translations; dirtilaundry

that just prove how much 2PM is loved!!
we just love 2PM more and more each day!!!
the others star that attended the event must be jealous….


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  1. nickhun luks so cute when he eat choclate.i luv nick

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