SNSD’s “Genie” Pre-Comeback Practice Room Video

With promotions over, and a complete lack of a dance version MV for SNSD’s newest hit “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”, fans were left empty-handed when searching for the whole choreography. Well, prot0980 has been so kind to upload a rough-draft practice room video from June 8th, eighteen days before SNSD’s comeback.

The choreography, and the song itself, differ in many places from the final version displayed in the official releases and performances. There’s some random English starting at 2:03 (the only word I can clearly discern is “wish”), followed by an extra chorus with different ad-libs, a different ending pose (no Seohyun salute?), and numerous other differences that I’m sure SNSD’s many fans will find after a couple of viewings. It’s rather novel to see how a song & choreography evolves from the first few drafts to the official release, and seeing SNSD in casual dance-practice clothes is always nice.


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