Lee JungHyun for Lady Gaga concert special performance. Lady Gaga, “I’ll help JungHyun with her American advance”

Sexy singer Lee JungHyun had put up a special performance for pop singer Lady Gaga’s performance in Korea on 9th August.

And Lee JungHyun uploaded photos on her minihompy on 10th August saying, “It was really enjoyable. Our kind Miss Gaga~ Very very pretty and cool! Best after all!”

She also wrote, “I had fun on performing on stage after a long time. Thank you so much to Gaga nim, Gaga dancers who were monitoring my performing by my side throughout my performance.”

Lee JungHyun has put up a special opening performance for Lady Gaga’s concert with performances of ‘Wa’, ‘Vogue It Girl’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Ari Ari’.


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