Hospitalised, DaeSung to need 6 weeks of treatment “Activities will have to be paused inevitably”


Big Bang DaeSung who has met with a car accident recently will need to be receiving 6 weeks of treatment and this will put a temporarily pause to his activities.

YG Entertainment said in a phone interview on 12th August, “He has came up to Seoul and got hospitalised at one of the hospitals. We are seeing that he may need up to 6 weeks of treatment. He has hurt his nose while he was young and this time he has hurt it again in the accident. Even though he has suffered a fracture, there is no need for him to undergo operation. The hospital said that he needs to rest for 4 weeks and go through the treatment naturally.”

DaeSung has met with a car accident on 11th August after the filming for SBS Family Outing has ended. He has met with the car accident in a highway tunnel at about 8.5opm.

With that DaeSung will also not be attending the press call for his upcoming musical ‘Shouting’.

Credit: Kbites

Wow! He will have a hiatus status for about 6 weeks!! T_T


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