Singer Baek Ji-yeong: ‘At My Peak Now and Enjoying It

Singer Baek Ji-yeong talked about her contented life on the Entertainment Weekly episode that aired Saturday on KBS2.

Since debuting in 1999 with her first album, she scored consecutive hit songs including “Burden,” “Choice,” “DASH” and “TRI-ANGLE” to become Korea’s leading female vocalist. She then suffered a dramatic setback over a sex video scandal, but roared back on the scene with her hit 5th album “I Won’t Love” as the queen of ballads.

She must have been devastated to lose most of her glamorous fame while in her twenties due to the scandal. But she said, “It’s the past. I forgot about it. I thought then that that was the peak of my career, but now I know it wasn’t. I’m at my peak now and am enjoying it. I thank my fans who helped my comeback.”

She continued, “Looking back on the years, I’m grateful for the fans who understood me just for my songs.”

From a Latin music star to the queen of ballads, she is now at the top. We wondered who her role model is. She chose the perennial diva Madonna and the Korean singers Eom Jeong-hwa and In Sooni. She says she wants to take after the multi-talented Eom, who refuses to limit herself to one image, and emulate In’s passionate love for music and unrelenting ambition. Baek says she will incorporate the strengths of her three idols and make them her own.

This Entertainment Weekly episode also featured interviews with the boy band SS501 and actresses Lee Yun-ji, Ha Hee-ra, Jang Yeong-ran, Han Chae-yeong and actors Choi Su-jong and Jin Gu.

Meanwhile here is her Music Video featuring Ok Taec Yeon of 2PM.


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