Nicole: 2NE1’s CL? She’s my new competitio


“Because of Star Golden Bell, the elders like me more now!”

Nowadays, Nicole is happy that she is at that age where she hears the words ‘Unni’ and ‘Nuna’ together with her name when she is called. Working out and exercising regularly for their comeback paid off, as she came back with a bit more mature image.

Since she is in charge of the rapping in KARA, we asked her who she thought her toughest competition was, now that a lot of female rappers are around. She answered “Of course its 2NE1’s CL. The powerful moves and voice on stage really surprised me, it was moving.”

What is the ranking in terms of popularity within KARA? We asked this to Nicole who answered “I haven’t really thought deeply about that.. Hmm! I don’t want to think about that with KARA. We’re all the same, right? Hehe!”

We found endearing that Nicole didn’t want to hurt the member’s feelings by ranking them.

Nicole has always been fond of hip hop and R&B, but she says nowadays, she says she is very much interested in pop act Lady Gaga who has shown her own unique songs and style.

From their second album Revolution, Nicole says she recommends <Aha> and <Secretly, Secretly>. She says “In <Aha>, I like Jiyoung’s part a lot – it feels like a little kid is throwing a cute tantrum. And in <Secretly, Secretly>, the line “You touched my lips” came out better in the recording than what I had expected, so I’m really happy about that..”


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