GDragon gets slammed with another round of plagiarism accusations

Big Bang GDragon gets slammed with another round of plagiarism accusations.

After all the stir caused by plagiarism accusations for his upcoming solo album title song ‘HeartBreaker’, GDragon’s ‘HeartBreaker’ album cover has also become the subject of the plagiarism talks.

The 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ was released on 11th August through GDragon’s me2day account, and he was accused of plagiarising Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ for that song. YG Entertainment also came out to speak about the plagiarism accusations.

There were also subsequent accusations of plagiarisms for the song ‘Heartbreaker’ relating to Oasis’s ‘She’s Electric’. And the song ‘Boy’ was also accused to have plagiarised that of Katharine Mcphee’s ‘Not ur girl’.

With that fresh accusations of plagiarism arose that GDragon’s album cover looks too similar to English band Spiritualized’s 2001 album ‘Let it come down’ jacket. Also there was also debates about how GDragon’s concept for his album jacket looks similar to the concept of Lee JunKi’s ‘JStyle’ album photoshoot.

Earlier, GDragon has also been criticised for the top he worn on to 2NE1TV showing the picture of a naked woman.

Netizens’ responses to these are:

* “Isn’t this like exaggerating on GDragon’s capabilities?”
* ku*****, “If there are no problems, there are always accusations for plagiarism when such albums come out”
* dr*****, “I always thought that he is a genius, but with all these accusations, I have my doubts about it”
* nu*****, “This is not something illegal. Isn’t all these accusations too much for a young singer like him who has so much potential?”


3 Responses

  1. i realllly wonder why you only put bad things about other groups but when its about SNSD you only put the good news >__> i like SNSD but i admit they’ve got a lot of haters coz some of the members have done some pretty ignorant crap and you really failed to publish that now didn’t you? >___>

  2. He may not be the best in everything…. but at least he tried.
    He’s still young, there’s still lots of things for him to learn. He’s brave enough to come out with something right….

    It’s normal for plagiarisms even though we hope it would never happened to celebs we like. but o well… he’s improving anyways ~

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