SM Entertainment, “Super Junior HanKyung was not on a date, and is tired of paparazzi”


SM Entertainment speaks up after photos of Super Junior members HanKyung and famous Chinese broadcaster Jia Ling were uploaded on a Chinese portal site.

A SM Entertainment representative said on 22nd, “HanKyung, Jia Ling and 7 other had went to play pool together. Even though they had all played pool together, it seems that HanKyung and Jia Ling stood out in the crowd.”

HanKyung is currently very popular in Korea, and is being followed by paparazzi often with much interests on him.

The SM representative said, “(HanKyung is being) tired out all the popularity. Because of the paparazzi, HanKyung is very tired.”

“There was also an earlier case where there were photos of HanKyung taken only with a female actress, when they had went out together as a whole drama team after filming, uploaded online. All these have caused HanKyung to be very tired.


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