YG Ent singers fashion criticisms – noise marketing gone too far?

Amidst all the car accident, plagiarism accusations that YG Entertainment is facing now for its family, there was also recently been criticisms on the fashion of the idol stars in the company.

Girlgroup 2NE1 members Gong MinJi and Sandara Park were caught wearing clothes with prints suggesting to sexuality, and netizens are in heat debates if this is just a form of noise marketing from YG Entertainment.

Gong MinJi had wore a pair of pants with prints of cartoon CareBears. And then fellow member Sandara Park was also caught wearing the same prints during another show, adding to the heated debate over the criticisms.

And this is not the first time YG Entertainment faces with criticisms of fashion with propagandism features. GDragon was seen wearing a top during a cable music show with the words ‘69′, ‘f*ck you too’, and ‘I ♡ sex’ printed on it, causing a big hoo-ha after that.

There had been much concern about this issue, since the majority of Big Bang fans are in their teens, and they look up to their idols as a fashion statement. In the end, GDragon came out to speak on a broadcast show that he will be more careful next time.

Back then with the case of the fashion criticisms, no one had foreseen that the response to the issue would be so great. But now, with the criticisms on Gong MinJi’s Carebear pants incident, people question if it is just a form of noise marketing.

Not only so, GDragon was also seen with a teeshirt of a woman’s lower body on 2NE1TV, which had added to manys’ doubts about it. Many thought that YG Entertainment is sticking to noise marketing, by attracting attention of the mass public with use of sex codes, pictures.

The Korean culture is considerably preservative. It is a common scene to see a big issue arise with any case of deemed-inappropriate sexuality mention.

YG Entertainment came out to say on 21st August, “We are really sorry about this and we will make sure that it will not happen again.” But it seems many are not convinced by this explanation.

Some of netizens’ responses are:

* “I cannot understand how they can let Gong MinJi, a minor, wear such clothes”
* “These are people whom the teenages will want to follow after”
* “Isn’t 2NE1’s fashion coordi GDragon’s friend?”
* “Why do they keep wearing those when they keep getting criticised for it?”
* “I want to buy that tee GDragon is wearing”
* “That should be the fault of the fashion coordi right?”
* “I don’t like it because I have a sibling at MinJi’s age and I cannot image her wearing that”

On the side note, this issues are debated closely to the recent case of 2PM ChanSung littering on Mnet Wild Bunny and GDragon on 2NE1TV doing a hand gesture of which was deemed inappropriate to many.

Many are debating if having idols on reality shows can prove to be a sort of negative influence to the youth fans watching them.

credits: kbites


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