Big Bang is back in Korea as one after 4 months

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Idol group Big Bang has come together on one stage after 4 months in Korea.

They held a mini concert for the product cafe latte on 26th August in HongDae, a first in 4 months since they last Hite guerilla concert in spring in Korea.

The event is organised by Meil Dairy products and 400 lucky fans were able to attend this standing concert. The only thing was that member DaeSung was not able to join the other 4 Big Bang members for the concert as he is still recuperating from his recent operation.

The boys performed their hits like ‘Sunset Glow’, ‘Last Farewell’ and Cafe Latte’s CM song ‘Youthful You’ etc in the 1 hour concert.

The group also had a little dialogue session with the fans where they answer their questions.


Each Big Bang Member Gets Own Channel

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All five members of Big Bang will have their own channel on YGTV. Upcoming episodes of YGTV will feature each member of the group working on their solo activities.

GD TV will show leader G-Dragon promoting his solo album Heartbreaker, while Taeyang TV will give fans a look at Taeyang working on his second solo album. TOP is also working on a solo album, which will be shown on TOP TV, and Seungri TV will show maknae Seungri’s experiences working on the Shouting musical. Lastly, fans can watch Daesung TV to follow Daesung’s recovery process after his terrible car accident.

GDragon’s solo debut with ‘Heartbreaker’ takes the Kpop world by storm


Big Bang GDragon has been said to have taken the Kpop world by storm with his solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’.
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GDragon gets slammed with another round of plagiarism accusations

Big Bang GDragon gets slammed with another round of plagiarism accusations.

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t the scene of Big Bang DaeSung’s car accident

All the 5 members have got together on 12th August at the hospital after Big Bang DaeSung got into a car accident on 11th August.

A Big Bang representative said, “Big Bang members GDragon, TOP, SeungGi and TaeYang went to visit DaeSung at the hospital in Seoul. The members were worried about DaeSung.”

The rep added, “The truth is that the Big Bang members had wanted to visit him late last night, but DaeSung was receiving diagnosis yesterday. So they only came today.”

The photos above were the scenes at the car accident which DaeSung was in.

YG’s contradicting answers, “‘Heartbreaker’ purely GDragon’s work” vs “Collaborate producing with Swiss producer”


Group Big Bang GDragon has once again been entangled in the issues of plagiarism. He released a 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ to his first solo album to be released on 18th August on 11st August on me2day site.
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Hospitalised, DaeSung to need 6 weeks of treatment “Activities will have to be paused inevitably”


Big Bang DaeSung who has met with a car accident recently will need to be receiving 6 weeks of treatment and this will put a temporarily pause to his activities.

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