Brown Eyed Girls GaIn, “I watched adult films and learnt a lot”


Member GaIn Brown Eyed Girls, who was once criticised for the provocative bed scene included in the MV to their title song ‘Abracadabra’ off their comeback album ‘Sound G’, revealed that she has learnt a lot through watching adult films.

GaIn said on Maybee’s KBS radio show on 9th August, “I have never had any skinship with man.” and Narsha added, “Without this kind of experience, you are unable to express the feelings to the scene.” GaIn continued, “I really have no experience to this and I am pretty conservative. But I learnt a lot through watching adult films.

GaIn added, “The adult film was a gift from fans.” which took the MC Maybee by surprise. Narsha added, “The adult film CD was given by a fan with the words ‘Garden Diary’.”

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ is going very strong up on various music sites.

credit: Kbites

Oh…. Okay~


Music charts review for 5th week of July


2NE1 has won their 3rd consecutive #1 on music charts.

The group’s current hit song ‘I Don’t Care’ is #1 again on music site Monkey3 for the 5th week of July (27th July – 2nd August). The song went on the chart at #11 and in just 2 weeks’ time it went up to the #1 position and this is their 3rd week winning #1.

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Music Core Performance

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Love this version!!!!!!!! Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!

Another Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) performance!!! Love this!

Brown Eyed Girls in a Car Accident


Right after the Brown Eyed Girls performance on Music Bank, the girls were headed to another scheduled event near the Han River at around 8pm, when they slightly collided with the car in front of them. The car in front of them stalled because of a flat tire and the vehicle in which the Brown Eyed Girls were in slightly collided with the car in front. The members didn’t have any injuries of note, but some were reportedly a bit shocked about the whole ordeal. They changed vehicles and continued onto their next schedule.

Luckily no one was hurt!!

WOW! Another car accident….

Possible performance list for Girl Group Special on SBS Inkigayo?

After news went out that some of the current hottest girl groups will be performing together on SBS Inkigayo coming 9th August, there have been many speculations on the special joint stages the the girlgroups will be putting up.
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SBS Inkigayo Summer Special – Girl Group special

On SBS Inkigayo to be aired on 9th August, it will be a special episode of ‘Summer School Vacation special part II – Girl Group Special’.

Recently, the phenomenon of the inflood of girlgroups like , 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, etc has raised the interests for this Girl Group Special episode.

For this special, there will be a joint stage amongst the girlsgroups and also a special VTR ‘Chat of the Young Girls’.

There will be 5 representative teams for this special episode and each team will send out their representative for this special VTR filming.

The 5 teams are So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls and 4Minute. And about 1-2 members fro the team are selected for the VTR filming.

Music Core Performance!

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