‘Cinderella Man’ Kwon Sangwoo, Kiss Scene with 20 Year Old Yoona

Eyes have been on the current star, Kwon Sangwoo as he has a surprising kiss scene with SNSD Yoona in the MBC Wednesday, Thursday drama ‘Cinderella Man’.
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‘Cinderella Man’ Yoona’s Rising Acting Skills ‘Viewers Cry and Laugh’

Of all the actors from MBC’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Cinderella Man’, Yoona’s acting is recieving a favorable reception by the viewers.
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Light-hearted romance joins weekend lineup

Joining a string of fluffed-out fantasies like KBS’ smash-hit “Boys Over Flowers” and MBC’s “Cinderella Man,” SBS’ “Brilliant Legacy” treats weekend audiences to its take on the classic tale of a poor girl and her Prince Charming.
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Yoona expresses her “Will for Acting” by actually drinking during filming

Yoona expressed her overwhelming will for acting by actually drinking alcohol during her filming of MBC midweek drama, “Cinderella Man”.
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Yoona saw the first episode of “Cinderella Man” with her members


Yoona saw her first episode of “Cinderella Man” with her rest of the members, SNSD.
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What happened to Kwon Sangwoo and Yoona’s effect?, For Cinderella Man.

Even though SNSD’s Yoona and Kwon Sangwoo were casted for MBC’s new Weds/Thurs drama ‘Cinderella Man'(CM), it seems like their casting has nothing to do with the viewer’s rating for this drama.

According to AGB media’s research, on 15th, CM had 7.7% viewer’s rating. Prior to CM, last episode of ‘The Return of Iljimae’ had 8.8% viewer’s rating.

On the other hand, according to TNS Media Korea, they reported a higher viewer’s rating for CM; on 15th it had 9.3% viewer’s rating, which is higher than ‘The Return of Iljimae’s viewer’s rating of 8.2%.

However, viewer’s rating for CM was significantly less than SBS’s ‘Cain and Abel’ which had 17.4%; ‘Cain and Abel’ airs at the same time as CM.

Translated by cathode@soshified.com/forums

Cinderella Man’s PD : “Yoona’s acting is excellent!”


The coming 15th is the first broadcasting of the new Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Cinderella Man’, and its PD, Yoo Jungjoon, didn’t spare any compliments for its main character, SNSD’s member Yoona.

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