Wonder Girls Youtube Channel Launch Event!!


Well if you didn’t know, JYP Entertainment has been making full use of Youtube recently and have setup dedicated channels for Park Jin Young, 2PM and the Wonder Girls.

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KARA rides the J-POP wave


I definitely love me some J-POP and what better fit for it, than KARA with their little school girl outfits.

5 member female group KARA replaced Younha as the new MC’s for cable channel KM’s “J-POP Wave.” KM’s “J-POP Wave” is a music video station, which obviously introduces the latest J-POP music videos to Korean viewers.

KM J-POP Wave’s PD stated:

Since this is a program which introduces music from another country, if the hosts do not have a strong knowledge of music, it would be difficult to introduce these music videos to the viewers. Because of that, we had asked KARA to MC for the show, as they have always had a strong interest in J-POP and Japanese culture. We feel they will be able to provide a very good experience for the viewers.

I don’t think the J-POP even matters at this point. KARA is pure entertainment and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

KARA’s first MC airing of J-POP Wave was on the 17th at 8PM KST via KMTV.

SNSD’s MuBank appearance once again cancelled.. “It will be hard (to appear) for a while”


Popular Girl group SNSD’s KBS 2TV “Music Bank” appearance has been cancelled.

SNSD was supposed to appear in the live KBS 2TV music program “Music Bank” on the 16th. However, just like what happened on the 9th, SNSD won’t be able to appear on “Music Bank”

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SNSD “We Sing a Bright Song for Those who are Tired”


“I recently visited the U.S. to see my parents but I was surprised by the mood there. It really seems like our economy isn’t good. It doesn’t feel like the new year and people look very tired. For those of you going to work and studying for exams, listen to our song and cheer up!” (Tiffany)

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Disappointing top of Music Bank for SNSD, “1st is not 1st”


Within 9 days of their comeback, So Nyuh Shi Dae reached the top of Music Bank.

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s mini album title song “Gee” took first on Music Bank’s K-chart which is aired live on KBS 2TV on the 16th. Their rise to the top of public program charts within 10 days of coming back showed off their immense amount of popularity they are garnering.

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Pledis Entertainment Unleashes 5-Member Girl Group After School!!

There’s no better time than now for companies to debut their new singers with all the big hitters either away or taking a break. In the absence of Son Dambi who is filming her Hollywood movie Hype Nation, Pledis Entertainment has unleashed a 5-member girl group After School on the music scene.

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Wonder Girls – Girls’ Generation – Kara, The Factors Behind Their Popularity?




Leading of the rush of idol girl-groups, the Wonder Girls, Girls’ Generation (SNSD), and Kara, have each honestly revealed the contributing factors to their popularity.

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