After School gets 1 more member – making it a 6-member group

After School

Known as the Korea’s Pussycat Dolls, group After School gets one more new member making it a 6-member group.
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Female Big Bang Changes Name


Maybe someone at YG read the comments on this post?

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Shin Hyesung, holding his 3rd solo concert

Last year November in Seoul, China Shanghai, Japan Tokyo and other countries, together with 25,000 spectators, Shin Hyesung has successfully held his Asia tour concert, and currently he is preparing for his 3rd tour concert.

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Epik High maps the soul, redefines kpop business model

map the soul MV

“Why did I choose zero won over 2 billion won? Because things had to change.”
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The conclusion of SNSD’s “Gee” promotion after 3 astonishing months which rocked the Korean music industry

Korean girl group SNSD’s promotional activities for “Gee”, a wildy successful and popular song which broke the conventions of popular culture, had officially came to an end after 3 amazing months.
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KoME’s Interview with Epik High

Note: newest MV: Map the Soul

aME’s sister site KoME, has a new interview up on one of Korea’s popular award-winning hip-hop group, Epik High.
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Super Junior Sorry sorry’s popularity swept all the No.1 on variety music charts


Super Junior who come back after 1 year 6 month got No.1 on disc sales, digital sales, as well as the most aired song with “Sorry sorry”.
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