Se7en to release an album in Korea after 3 years


Singer Se7en will be back releasing a new album in Korea after 3 years.
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Could K-pop make it without the Western mix?

wonder girls

Over the years, as the Korean wave has touched the shores of Asian countries, several popular singers have tried to make it in the Asian market. Rain, Se7en and Yangpa have been among the notable flops, and BoA is currently releasing singles and videos in the United States. Now the group Wonder Girls is trying, with much fanfare, to make an impact. The group made its television debut on “The Wendy Williams Show” in July and is currently an opening act for the insanely popular Jonas Brothers.

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MNet 20’s Choice Awards nominees


Fall’s approaching with a lot of anticipation for artist comebacks and drama premieres but summer’s not quite over yet. Mnet’s third annual 20’s Choice Awards (think Teen Choice Awards) is coming August 28th!

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DSP on the list of slave companies, that Korean entertainment industry expose

YG Entertaiment Artist

On June 8 afternoon, according to the Korean media, the contract between the entertainment companies and their artists is also called the “slave contract”.

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BoA To Have An Interview On EXTRA


After announcing next single, “Energetic”, off her 1st U.S. album ‘BoA’ at VMA Japan with Sean Garrett, BoA has even more news for us! According to her Official MySpace bulletin, BoA will have an interview broadcasted on NBC’s Extra on Saturday at 3PM PST and Sunday 12:35AM PST.
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MTV Heroes reveals idols’ debut times

Girls' Generation 

‘MTV Heroes,’ A Music Documentary Program of 12 Teams of In-Country Idols… Unveils Girls’ Generation & Wonder Girls’ Debut Times

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Se7en’s 1st American single ‘Girls’ gets 5 stars on iTunes

Se7en released his debut American single ‘Girls’ on iTunes on 11th March and the single had received a 5 stars out of 5, as voted by the iTunes customers.
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