Super Junior notches up another KBS2 Music Bank Award despite losing to Davichi at Mnet Countdown!

Today, KBS2 Music Bank has release a new weekly ranking system. The new ranking system still contain the original voting scores from the Viewers Ratings (from Mobile Ranking and On-Line voting.) and now consists of 3 other new scores such as ‘Digital Music Score’, ‘No. of Times Broadcast’ and ‘Record Sale Scores.’

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SuJu: “It’s good to get rid of a superficial image.”


Third album titletrack SORRY,SORRY at the top of the Music Entertainment, idol group Super Junior declare their thoughts “It’s good to get rid of a superficial image.”

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Super Junior’s Sorry, Sorry crowned 1st Place with Mutizen Song for 2 weeks straight, “Nobleman Kibumah!”

Super Junior are a blast.

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Davichi’s ‘8282’ jumps over SJ’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ to win 2nd MuBank Weekly Chart Award

As week pasts, SMENT’s 13-member male group Super Junior continue to strive in order to win a 2nd consecutive week MuBank Award. However Female Duo-Band, Davichi, pasts through to SuJu’s dance hit ‘SORRY SORRY’ to win their 2nd MuBank award with latest single ‘8282 (Hurry, Hurry) winning just over 900 points. ELF fans must be disappointed but there are more weeks to come. SuJu’s 3rd Album – Sorry Sorry landed No.1 on MuBank Top Albums.

TOP 20 K-CHART (2009.3.23~3.29) RESULTS!
1. Davichi – 8282
2. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
3. Davichi – Made a Blunder
4. Son Dambi – On a Saturday Night
5. 8eight – I Don’t Have a Heart
6. 임창정 – 오랜만이야
7. Kim Jong Kook (김종국) feat. Shorry J Of Mighty Mouth – 행복병 (Happy Virus)
8. SNSD – Gee
9. Wheesung – Imsomnia
10. Hwa Yobi – 반쪽 (Half)
11. Lee Eun Mee (이은미) – 헤어지는 중입니다 (We’re Breaking Up)
12. 2AM – 친구의 고백 (A Friend’s Confession)
13. KARA – Honey
14. 프리스타일 – 마음으로 하는 말
15. Lee Seung Chul – 그런 사람 또 없습니다 (There Is No Other Person Like That)
16. Rumble Fish – The Heart Of One Person ( HK movie ” Look For A Star ” OST )
17. Bobby Kim – 사랑..그 놈 (Love…This Person)
18. Fly To The Sky – 구속 (Corner)
19. SS501 – 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because My Head Is Bad)
20. FT Island – 나쁜 여자야 (You’re A Bad Woman)
21. Brand New Day – 살만해
22. SS501 – 애인만들기 (Making A Lover)

35. Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop

Super Junior ‘SORRY SORRY’ wins KBS Monthly Chart

SM Ent. 2 top groups are up against each other with Seo Tai Ji’s Juliet of KBS Monthly Chart – March 2009. The margin between Suju’s Sorry Sorry and SNSD Gee is 1000 pts apart as Suju fans cheer on for the oppas as they win their first award for the 3rd album title track – Sorry Sorry on March 27.

SNSD Goodbye Special~ T_T

Top 20 Chart:
1. Super Junior – Sorry Sorry
2. SNSD – Gee
3. Seo Tai Ji – Juliet
4. Davichi – 8282
5. SS501 – 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because My Head Is Bad)
6. Tae Yeon (from. SNSD Girl’s Generation) – Can You Hear Me
7. Kara – Honey
8. Joo Hyun Mi & Seo Hyun (from. SNSD Girl’s Generation) – 짜라자짜 (Jja La Ja Jja)
9. Fly To The Sky – 구속 (Corner)
10. Hwa Yobi – 반쪽 (Half)
11. FT Island – 나쁜 여자야 (You’re A Bad Woman)
12. Wheesung – Insomnia
13. 임창정 – 오랜만이야
14. Shin Hye Sung – 왜 전화 했어… (Why Did You Call…)
15. T-Max – 파라다이스 (Paradise)
16. Lee Seung Chul – 그런 사람 또 없습니다 (There Is No Other Person Like That)
17. Shinee – Stand By Me
18. Bobby Kim – 사랑..그 놈 (Love…This Person)
19. Seung Ri (from. Big Bang) – Strong Baby (Clean Ver.)
20. Big Bang – Sunset Glow

Super Junior Sorry sorry’s popularity swept all the No.1 on variety music charts


Super Junior who come back after 1 year 6 month got No.1 on disc sales, digital sales, as well as the most aired song with “Sorry sorry”.
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Netizens Against Sorry Sorry

SOrry SOrry

Super Junior’s 3rd album titletrack <SORRY SORRY> was involved in a case of plagiarism. Netizens said the song is similar to popstar Britney Spear’s <Womanizer>. In particular, the repetition in the refrain of <SORRY SORRY> is similar to the one in Britney’s song. A representative of Super Junior’s company, SM Entertainment, rejected the theory of plagiarism, and declared that the accuse is unfounded if the reason behind it is merely that the repetition gives a feeling of similarity.