SS501 – 30,000 Enthusiastics at Budokan Tokyo Japan


SS501 swept off some 30,000 audience off their feet at Budokan, Tokyo Japan.

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Music Core Performance

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Love this version!!!!!!!! Sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!

Another Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) performance!!! Love this!


Due to the recent TVXQ chaos occurring, news agency looked up the exclusivity contracts of various artists from the popular management agencies.

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Kpop idols singers trapped in slave contracts?


After three members of Dong Bang Shin Ki filed for a Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request and revealed the ugly truth behind their contracts, a storm has begun in the entertainment business.

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SS501: 7-Watch Taiwan Aug 09


August with SS501
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SS501 to work hand in hand with Justin Timberlake’s choreographer

5-member male group SS501 will be working with the choreographer of famous pop singers Justin Timberlake and Usher.

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Kim HyunJoong “Kim Bum is the Best Pretty Boy in F4” Why?

Kim Bum

‘Pretty Boy’ Kim HyunJoong said “Kim Bum is the best pretty boy in F4”.

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