[Mini Album] Taegoon – The 3rd Mini Album, Hip Hop, Dance, Pop | Release Date: 2009.09.17

태군 – 3rd Mini Album | Taegoon – 3rd Mini Album

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SBS Inkigayo Performance

Super Junior – It’s You / Sorry Sorry

4Minute – Hot Issue


2PM – Hate You

SHINee – Juliette

Taegoon – Superstar(Remix Ver.)

SeeYa, Davichi and JiYeon – Women’s generation

2NE1 Win mutizen!

Music Core Performace

Beige – Jijiri

K.will ft. Jaebum(2PM) – One Droplet in a Second

Super Junior – It’s You/Sorry Sorry

4MINUTE – Hot Issue

SHINee – Juliette

2PM – Hate You

Untouchable – Oh

Chae Yeon – Shake

Taegoon – Superstar(Remix ver.)

Tiffany & Yuri MC-ing

Tiffany & Yuri Give Us some Tease!!

Music Bank Performance and 2PM WINS!!!


He Youneg(Gavy NJ) – Twilight

8eight – Goodbye My Love

Lena Park – Tears for You

Taegoon – Superstar

After School – DIVA

Super Junior – It’s You

2PM – Again & Again / Hate You

SHINee – Juliette

K.will – One Droplet in a Second

2PM Wins and Encore

Taegoon’s interview about Jaejoong

Newly debuted singer TaeGoon is interviewed on a magazine (parts that are not about Jaejoong have been taken out of the translation)
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Music Bank 500th Special Extravaganza

 KBS Music Bank

Friday 2/27 was Music Bank’s 500th episode, and they had a special show for us all. It was filled with lots of special & other not-so-special performances.

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Korea netizens’ newest gadget ‘MR Removed’ videos to evaluate singers

There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also led to many comparing the vocal powers of various singers.

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