So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany has the best thighs among the female idols

On 29th July, the results of a poll held at community portal site “DC Inside” from 21st-28 July was revealed. 11,657 people had voted in the poll titled, “Which female artistes has the most attractive thighs?” Tiffany emerged as Number 1

An overwhelming response consisting of 4755 (40.8%) votes were for Tiffany from So Nyeo Shi Dae.

2. Uee (2455 votes, 21.1%) from After School
3.IU (792 votes, 6.8%)
4. CSJH Sunday (767 votes, 6.6%)
5. Wonder Girls Yoobin (758votes, 6.5%)
6. Brown Eyed Girls Gain (352votes, 3%)

Yeah for Fanny!!!!!!!!


Music COre Performance~~

Music Core Performace

Beige – Jijiri

K.will ft. Jaebum(2PM) – One Droplet in a Second

Super Junior – It’s You/Sorry Sorry

4MINUTE – Hot Issue

SHINee – Juliette

2PM – Hate You

Untouchable – Oh

Chae Yeon – Shake

Taegoon – Superstar(Remix ver.)

Tiffany & Yuri MC-ing

Tiffany & Yuri Give Us some Tease!!

Music Core Performance!!

SeeYa, Davichi and JiYeon – Women’s Generation

Super Junior – It’s You

SHINee – Juliette

2PM – Hate You

Chae Yeon – Shake

After School – DIVA

8Eight – Goodbye My Love

Tiffany & Yuri(SNSD)’s MC-ing Cut

Tiffany and Baek Jiyoung, special appearance on Ja Myunggo


Singer Jiyoung (Baek) and Tiffany take a challenge on acting.
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SNSD’s Yuri and Tiffany’s smokin’ stage with Son Dambi

Today, MBC Music Core MC’s (SNSD’s) Yuri and Tiffany perform a special stage with Son Dambi on her current hit ‘On a Saturday Night’. The girls receive so much praise after performing with Dambi. You can see how the audience cheers heavily when the girls come in. The girls appear in the video at 2 minute towards the end.

Currently SNSD have been very busy with the schedule with Yuri and Tiffany MCing for Saturday’s Music Core, Yoona currently busy filming new drama Cinderella Man and the group MCing for a new variety show on Sundays. The girls are also getting ready for their new Sunday Horror segment on the show. The girls have also just recently film a CF.

So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany’s first solo stage since debut

So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany had her first solo stage since her debut as So Nyeo Shi Dae in 2007 on Inkigayo 19th April. She performed the song ‘I’m Alone’ off ‘Ja Myung Go’ OST.

She is the 3rd member from So Nyeo Shi Dae after TaeYeon and Sunny to have her own solo song. Tiffany said in an interview, “This is the first time I’m singing a song alone. It’s a very blessful thing. The other members have also memorised the song by heart.”

“When TaeYeonie had her solo debut, I thought I want to have my own solo song too. To be able to sing a song by myself is a very exciting thing. Rather the stress, the excitement is much bigger.”

She ended with, “I was really worried about my Korean pronounciation the most. Through the recording of the song, I learnt a lot.”