UEE to be on “We Got Married”?


Member of After School Uee and actor Park Jae Jung, will be committed to each other as a new couple in MBC’s Sunday night show ‘We Got Married’.

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HwangBo to comeback as singer 6 months after getting off ‘We Got Married’

Singer HwangBo will comeback with a ballad single ‘Unbelievable Words’.

She will comeback with a more matured image, the single talks about the feelings after knowing one had to say goodbye to one’s love.

This is going to be the female version of the same song by singer-producer STAY. The song is rearranged to bring out HwangBo’s style, and also totally different feeling from the original version.

Are Junjin and Lee Shi Young dating? “We don’t even meet outside of work”

Lee Shi Young has denied rumours that she is dating Junjin.
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WGM production team: Junjin/Lee Shi Young not leaving the show

The production team behind MBC variety show ‘Sunday Sunday Night – We Got Married’ has refuted rumors of Junjin and Lee Shi Young leaving the show, which started circulating on 16th April. According to them, these rumors are ‘completely unfounded’.
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Sometimes glad, sometimes mad – Junjin/Lee Shi Young experience the full gamut of human emotions

Junjin and Lee Shi Young inject a dose of realism as they display the entire range of human emotions between couples.
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Kim Tae Yeon Is “Single” Again

In less than 24 hours, Girls’ Generation leader Kim Tae Yeon was hit with the news of being without her regular two partners on radio and television very soon.

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WGM’ Behind Story, “We have too much material”

Dramas following a strict script are constantly showing live, but other entertainment shows are worried about having too much material?
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