TVXQ’s 3rd Live Mirotic Tour in Nanjing

April 4, 7:30 p.m at Olympic Stadium in Nanjing, China, the venue was fully filled by 20,000 audiences who were really excited to watch performances of one of the best group in Asia.

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TVXQ’s 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC Concert Has 4 Billion Won Effects

The 3rd live tour concert of Asia top group Dong Bang Shin Ki is expected to earn at least 4 billion won from foreign country fans.

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TVXQ performs Bolero on Music Japan


TVXQ / DBSK performed “Bolero” on January 16th’s Music Japan program. Although it aired for the first time today, this performance was actually pre-recorded back in early December.

“Bolero” will be TVXQ’s 25th Japanese single and is scheduled to be officially released on January 21st.

The performance was excellent as usual despite being abruptly cutoff, I expected them to sing a little longer. They have another Oricon Chart Topper on their hands.

The MV

New Se7en Track – No Taking Back Leaked


A new track from Se7en titled “No Taking Back” has been leaked. The song is upbeat but you can hear his heavy accent on this song, it was hidden on “Them Girls.”

Ok, I’ll admit that “Them Girls” was a bit catchy, but this song is pure crap. I would rather drink Hanyak (deer horn medicine drink which is disgusting), than listen to this again. Ok, maybe not that far, but you get the picture. Speaking of picture, with music like this you won’t be seeing Se7en on TV near you anytime soon. No Taking Back the time I wasted listening to this.

Thanks to GoP-Demon for sending in the audio file.

Se7en New Leaked Song

Girls’ Generation, “Shame we cannot do out promotions at the same time”



Girls’ Generation express regret for not being able to promote their album the same time with their ‘rival’ group Wondergirls.

Member Tiffany said in an interview recently, “Even though others label us as rival groups, when we meet on broadcast programs and in waiting rooms, we are very close with one another like good friends. But it is a shame we cannot do out promotions at the same time.”

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Girls’ Generation “Gee” tops Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”


Girls’ Generation “Gee” has surpassed the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody”.

On the 9th on GomTV (, within one day of the release of Girls’ Generation music video for “Gee”, the number of visits was above 1,000,000 – setting a new record for GomTV’s music channel service.

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Girls’ Generation members cook up a Flu…


Girls’ Generation members Yuri, Taeyeon, Sooyoung and Sunny have come down with the flu. Or rather have been suffering from the flu, prior to their comeback performances.

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