F4 gathering in one place, friendship as strong as ever


F4 gathering, friendship is as strong as ever

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Kim Joon to take on musical

kim joon

Boys Over Flowers Kim Joon will take on musical.
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Kim Hyun Joong to star in MV to Kim Joon’s new solo song

If things progress fast enough, Kim Joon together in the group T-Max will release a new album coming end-June. And in the album will be a solo song by him, as of the other T-Max members as well.
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YWCA calls ‘Boys over Flowers’ failure


Seoul YWCA called the KBS drama “Boys over Flowers” an “absolute failure” in its latest monitoring report.

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F4 heads to Japan

Boys Before Flowers may be over in Korea, but it’s still got its overseas markets in which to promote itself.
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Kim Joon and Kang Min Kyung Duet + Mnet Heroes Highlights

During the Countdown Heroes segment on the 9th April episode of Mnet M! Countdown, T-Max’s Kim Joon and Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung did a cover of MC Mong’s I Love U, Oh Thank You which was performed together with G.O.D. member Kim Tae Woo then. It was a decent cover of a great hit but of course no where close to what their predecessors did. When Kim Joon was rapping, I was half-expecting him to spout out his “Yo, what’s up bro?” line from Boys Before Flowers. The ending was kind of awkward yet cute as they nodded their heads gently.

Interview with the F4 of Boys over Flowers

Kim Bum

Boys Over Flowers recently wrapped up it’s final episode and has been a huge success in Korea, ISPLUS recently did an interview with each of the boys of F4.
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