Taeyeon Close to Tears, Mourns Ex-President Roh on Radio


SNSD’s member Taeyeon mourned deeply the passing of Ex-President Roh Moohyun.
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BoA, Big Bang and DBSK at VMAJ 2009

Group Big Bang attend VMAJ 2009 for the first time, and they were there as guest celebrities.

They also introduced the performing stage of Katy Perry, and greeted and spoke to their Japanese fans in Japanese.

This will be one of the largest overseas award ceremonies that the group has participated since their debut. They are currently working on advancing into the Japanese major music market.

Singer BoA performed the title song ‘I Did It For Love’ off her American debut album with her album producer Sean Garrett for ‘2009 Video Music Awards Japan (VMAJ 2009)’ on 30th May.

The music awards was held in Saimata Super Arena. A photo of the 2 of them were posted earlier on ‘VMAJ 2009′ homepage with ‘A world class performance to be opened’ attached with it today. Their performance was introduced as ‘BoA and Sean Garrett’s dream performance” on the show.

Popular group Dong Bang Shin Ki had a miss at ‘Best Group Video’ for the awards this time.

Their MV for ‘MIROTIC’ was nominated for the award category but the award eventually went to Exile with the MV ‘Ti amo’.

Other videos nominated for the award is group Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Ulysses’ and The Killers‘ ‘Human’. .

‘MIROTIC’ went up to the Oricon daily chart when it was released as the group’s 24th single last October in Japan. And the song had received much love from music fans.

It is a shame that the group did not win the award, but they are currently having their 4 concert tour in Japan ‘2009 – The Secret Code’ and was not able to attend the awards ceremony.

“Again & Again” First winning…and Nuna’s favorite dorkiness


Donga: 2 PM is an idol group who has grown up from boys to men in their recent popular second mini album “Time for change”.
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Kim Bum Leads a New Generation of Hallyu

kim bum

Actor Kim Beom of the “Boys of Flowers” fame is emerging as a new Hallyu star. His new film “Flight (Korean title Bisang)” has been sold to Japan even before the filming began.

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12 Days Into Debut Single ‘FIRE’ Makes 200 Million Won


2NE1 had released their single (Fire) on the 6th and just after 12 days have made sales records of over a hundred million won. Their senior group, Big Bang, who are in the same label as them have recently made over 1 billion won in sales with 3 CM songs and so is being compared to that. In the singing industry it can be as far as to coin them as “the million won siblings”. In one music portal site the party stated “Until the 17th 2NE1’s sales were calculated to be over 2 million won. When they had finally appeared on their first ever music program on the 17th the sales had went up overwhelmingly.”

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TVXQ – Stand by You MV

The Drama Version MV of TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki’s “Stand By You” has been released. The first thing I noticed is that the video is very long… over 7 minutes! It also reminds me of Why did I fall for you?” / Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? with the sad love story, minus actual footage of the boys. Yes, the boys aren’t anywhere to be found in this Drama Version. The star actor of the MV is Tanaka K.

Son DamBi to give Hollywood a miss

Son Dambi

Singer Son DamBi will give advancing into the Hollywood a miss for now.
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