Ryeowook: “I want to give a song to Soshi Taeyeon”


Super Junior’s Ryeowook expressed the wish to offer a self-composed song to SoNyeoSiDae’s Taeyeon.

In a recent interview with No Cut News, Ryeowook said : “Because at school (Inha University Drama and Film Studies) I study composition, I’m writing a lot of songs. Although talent-wise the songs aren’t worthy enough to be featured in an album yet, later I want them to be listed in our album, or in other SM family artists. In particular, I want to give one to SNSD Taeyeon the most.”

As Ryeowook was struck by shyness after saying those words, he made the members of Super Junior who were present burst out laughing. Super Junior suggested that “Ryeowook liked the S.E.S. nunas since before debut, he was influenced to write songs suitable for girls. He especially likes Bada nuna’s vocals.”

Ryeowook has also composed the melody and wrote the lyrics for the logo songs of the other member’s radio programs for free. Ryeowook showed a humble image saying “I still lack talent, but I wanted to work to help the members, so I made the logo songs”

Translation from Korean by Alice & Gaia @ sj-world.net


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